Words Have Power

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October 2001 – my mother was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer.

I was devastated.

My mom, not so much.

A woman of great strength and character, she wasn’t going to let cancer get in her way.

She declared “I have things to do, people to see and places to go.” She was determined to live to see her only grandchild at the time, my son, graduate from high school.

There’s energy and power in words. I believe we speak things into existence.

We can use our words to heal or destroy.

My mom likes to say when you are born your book is written. I’d like to add “feel free to edit accordingly.”

My mom had surgery, endured chemo and radiation, but most importantly she chose to edit her book and use her words to heal.

Seventeen years later, she is still doing those things, seeing those people and definitely going places.

 In the face of adversity, how will you use your words?

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About the author:

Kelly Charles-Collins is a TEDx Speaker, Author, HR Expert and Attorney. From her own personal experiences to her over 20 years as an employment attorney helping organizations uncover hidden truths in their workplaces, Kelly is the Bystander Expert. Kelly shares her expertise in her highly anticipated TEDx talk. Kelly is available for keynotes, training, consulting, and interviews on the Bystander Effect, Unconscious Bias, Diversity & Inclusion, Corporate Culture, and Workplace Investigations. Kelly's book ACE Your Workplace Investigations: A Step-by-Step Guide for Avoiding Friction, Covering Your Assets, and Earning Employee Trust is available on Amazon. Kelly can be contacted at (770) 476-9865. Please also visit her website at www.kellycharlescollins.com and follow her on social media: LinkedIn: Kelly Charles-Collins, Facebook: KellyCharlesCollins22, Twitter: @HRlawattoney.

Kelly Charles-Collins